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Wild Wild West

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I’m in the thick of fall craziness right now. Like I explained in my earlier post, the months of September and October are wildly busy for me. I’m the type of person who doesn’t really like being busy. It definitely overwhelms me when I’m looking at my calendar for these next two months, and see that every weekend has something major going on. I’m the type of person who’s always looking ahead, and planning for the next day/week/month/year of my life. I’m always trying to live in the moment, and just focus on TODAY, but it’s just not in my makeup to do so. Anyone else feel me on this?? Although I LIVE for the days when I wake up with absolutely no plans for the day, I can somehow always turn it on when I need to, when it comes to the busy weeks/seasons of my life – which is precisely what I’ll be doing for these next two months.

To kick off the start of the month/my busy season, my sister and I took a long-weekend beach trip to Galveston, Texas. Our birthdays are a week a part from each other, and they always fall before and after Labor Day weekend, so we thought a trip to the beach would be the best way to celebrate both of our birthdays, together. The more I explore Texas, the more I come to love it. It’s an entirely new concept for me to be within a couple hours drive to the actual ocean. I’m used to the midwest, where the closet thing we had to the beach was Lake Michigan, so, the fact that I can drive to the beach and make a short weekend trip out of it still amazes me.

Texas is pretty incredible like that. One weekend I was camping out in the high desert, the next, I was chillin on a beach on the Gulf of Mexico. From the hill country of Austin, to the high desert of Marfa, to the beaches of Galveston, there’s just so much to explore in this giant state. Heck, you can even be in another COUNTRY in about a three hour’s drive from Austin, if you wanted. It keeps life exciting.

Speaking of Marfa, this entire photoshoot was shot inside a real-deal horse saloon, in the middle of the desert. Doesn’t get more authentic that that. My photographer owns the high desert inspired goods brand Western Darlin (which is the bodysuit I’m wearing below). Go check out her stuff! I’ve linked my faves below – just click to shop!

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Photos by Courtney Pittman


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