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What I Wore: Anjunadeep Open Air

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I’m starting a new blog series, titled “What I Wore.” It will feature any and all outfits I wear to music festivals. If you guys saw my Music Festival Memories post, you learned how passionate I am about my festivals, and music in general. Music festivals are usually the place where I break out my most fun/creative/wild outfit choices, and I would love to share my finds with you guys.

The most recent festival I attended was a one-day festival in Austin called Anjunadeep Open Air, out on a ranch by the Colorado River. Anjunadeep is a record label founded by my fave DJ group of all time, Above & Beyond. The label consists mainly of deep house and trance DJ’s, which also happens to be my two favorite sub-genres of EDM. David Hohme, Eli & Fur, Fairchild, Jody Wisternoff, Luttrell, Moon Boots and Yotto all performed at this festival. My faves from this show were Eli & Fur (a badass female duo), and Yotto. If you’re in to deep house, and listening to 4/4 beats for 8+ hours, then this festival is for you. It’s amazing how mesmerizing deep house is for me. We were out there for about 8 hours, and I was completely in a trance for most of that time. When the sun set, that’s when the true magic began. All-in-all, it was an amazing set up, and such a fun one-day festival that I would def go for round 2.

Scroll through below, to shop my look from this festival!

Wearing: Urban Outfitters Bodysuit | Boohoo Pants (similar) | Vintage Scarf (similar) | Ray Ban Sunglasses |
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