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Way Out West with My Marfa Recap

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Just wrapped up another crazy busy week/weekend, that I’m happy is over. Although it was all fun work stuff, it’s nice to be in the middle of this week, where I’m able to chill out a little, and recover from last week’s work schedule. I’ll be sure to recap for you guys in Friday’s post, on all the fun stuff that went down.

In the meantime, I wanted to finally put up my Marfa trip recap, from last month’s short, but sweet trip out to the desert. This was my second time visiting this West Texas town, and since the town is so small, I’ve basically done and seen everything there is to do and see. This time around, I made sure to eat at all the restaurants I wasn’t able to try the first time, so I can make a decision on where my favorite places are to eat and hang out at. Check out my recap post from my first trip out to Marfa as well, to catch up on everything else to do in this town that isn’t mentioned below.

Two photographers that I work with in Austin were already planning on making the trip out to Marfa, and it just so happens that they planned their trips for the same weekend. I definitely wasn’t going to pass up a trip where I could come back with more amazing photos from the desert. So, I planned a super quick trip (only 1 night), and managed to squeeze in 2 shoots while there. Read below for a recap on where I shot, ate and chilled while in Marfa.


We got into Marfa around 10:30am (yes, we left at 3am in order to arrive in the morning for a full day), and our first stop was breakfast at LaVenture,┬áthe restaurant inside Hotel Saint George. In an effort to stay semi-healthy, I ordered the Three Egg Veggie Omelet with a side of fried potatoes (hey, I could’ve done much worse). We had yet to try LaVenture on our first Marfa trip, so this was the #1 place I wanted to make sure I tried this time around. Safe to say, it did not disappoint.

The rest of our morning/early afternoon was spent shopping at our favorite local shops. Not even kidding, Ranch Candy Marfa was the first store we stopped in to, and I broke down and ended up buying this amazing vintage jean jacket and white cowboy boots. Didn’t regret those purchases at all, but after that, I was pretty much maxed out on my shopping budget for the rest of the weekend. If you want to find amazing vintage pieces that bring those West Texas vibes, AND are reasonably priced, then there’s no place better than Ranch Candy Marfa. We rounded out our shopping session by stopping by the Cherry on Top pop up market at the Hotel Saint George. The Cherry on Top Festival is an annual festival hosted by Hotel Saint George, that consist of various activities such as yoga, creative markets, and panel discussions, along with a Short Film festival. It was a cute little market with small-business vendors and live music, that had some great stuff. We then stopped into my favorite lunch spot, The Waterstop, for a quick bite, before getting ready for my shoots.

The rest of our day consisted of photo shoots. I’m actually pretty impressed that I managed to fit in 2 photos shoots on this trip, with both shoots scheduled for Saturday evening. I def don’t recommend this as a first option, but both photographers were only available during this timeframe, so I made sure I could shoot with booth, and basically ran from the first shoot to the next, so I could be sure to get as much light in as possible, before the sun set.

For the first shoot, we started out at The Lost Horse Saloon. This was probably my favorite shoot location of the day. It’s an authentic Texas-style dive bar. There’s nothing more West Texas than this bar, that’s for sure. This part of the shoot was featured in my previous post – be sure to go check out the interiors of this place – you can’t beat it. We then ventured over to an old, abandoned gas station (which are the photos featured in this post). Only in Marfa will you find abandoned gas stations that have been turned into art exhibits. If you’re ever in Marfa, this is a can’t miss attraction. We rounded out my first photo session by shooting out at the old Stardust sign, just on the Western edge of town. The views out there are incredible, and you really get that authentic West Texas desert look when shooting there. This par of the shoot was featured in my “Follow My Story” post.

From there, I met my other photographer back at El Cosmico (the hotel compound that we stayed at for the night) and shot all around the grounds. El Cosmico was the #1 place I wanted to shoot the second time I was able to get back out to Marfa. The grounds consists of tents, teepees, yurts and trendy airstream trailers that all make for amazing photo back drops. This shoot was featured in my El Cosmico post from last week.

Once the sun went down, we wrapped shooting, did a quick change, and made our way over to Stellina for a late dinner. We were the last people to be served, since we arrived around 8:30pm and since places in Marfa usually don’t stay open too late, we made it just in time. The atmosphere at Stellina was absolutely perfect. It’s a pretty small restaurant, with mediterranean-style vibes and SUPER dim lighting, just the way I like it. It’s the perfect place to sit at the bar after dinner and have a late-night drink, because they have a pretty large bar, that seats just as many people as the dining area.


Since Saturday was so crazy, I made sure Sunday we could just relax. We went to Do Your Thing Coffee for breakfast. It’s a little hole-in-the-wall coffee shop, exactly what you’d expect to find in Marfa. From there, we went to the Hotel Saint George pool, and spent the day laying out, eating chips and salsa, and doing nothing. It was perfect. Before we headed back to Austin, we went back to LaVentura for dinner, then hit the road. All in all, a quick trip, but productive AND relaxing. Already planning my next trip back – stay tuned!

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Photos by Courtney Pittman

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