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Undercover Hippie with Free People

I love to describe my style as the “undercover hippie” look. This idea came from one of my old coworkers who used this term when describing me, and I absolutely love it. I don’t think most people expect me to be into the whole “hippie/alternative lifestyle” kind of thing, but in reality, this is where I take most of my inspiration from. I am intrigued with all things 1960’s, and truly believe I was born in the wrong decade. From the music, to the fashion, to the lifestyle, it was one of the most creative and inspired times in America’s history. This is where I draw my fashion inspiration from when creating the overall aesthetic of my looks.

A hippie is often known as someone who takes an alternative path in life – someone who doesn’t conform to the everyday lifestyle of their surrounding peers. I’ve always been more of a non-conformist, and becoming a blogger is a perfect example of this. When I describe what a blogger is to people, not everyone understands it – in a way, blogging is my “alternative lifestyle” –  the one thing I find true fulfillment in. Before I started this blog, I was always wondering if there was something better out there for me than my boring 9-5 job that I knew I didn’t belong in. I felt uninspired and was in a rut. Once I took that leap of faith to start this blog, I got my motivation back – something I had been lacking for a while. I finally felt inspired again, and excited about my future endeavors.I hope that we can all inspire one another to become “undercover hippies,” – living out that “alternative lifestyle” – the one that truly makes us happy.

This Free People look encompasses the undercover hippie vibe to a tee. Jumpsuits are one of the easiest pieces to wear – just throw it on and you instantly look stylish, without trying at all. Plus, this one is super comfy – I’ve literally contemplating doubling this look as PJ’s because it’s just that soft. Shop below.

Wearing: Free People Jumpsuit | Free People Wideband | Stone Necklace (vintage) |

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Photos by Laura Von Photography

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