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The Lowdown on Lip Fillers

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About a month ago, I attended a SUPER informative blogger event at Saxon MD, a facial plastic surgeon’s office, here in Austin. At the event, we got to observe a handful of different procedures – Botox, lip fillers and microneedling. If you follow me on IG stories, then you probably saw my documentation of all these procedures, and how uninvasive they actually were.

So when I won a free appointment for lip fillers, I jumped at the chance. Not because I had ever consciously WANTED fuller lips, or was insecure about my lips in the first place, but because I had just watched the procedure, done by Dr. Saxon, and the results looked GOOD. It definitely made me feel way more comfortable about the whole process, knowing I had seen exactly how it was done, and knew what to expect, come my appointment.

Gone are the days of fake tans and fake boobs (r.i.p. the 2000’s). We now live in the age of facial contouring and full lips. Big lips have replaced big boobs, and I definitely prefer it that way (plus, getting bigger lips is waayyy less invasive than a boob job). Despite the massive surge in popularity, there’s still a stigma surrounding lip fillers (or any facial procedures, for that matter), due to the fact that people always over-do it, or you see crazy, botched jobs.

There’s nothing wrong with tweaking something about your appearance, or taking preventative measures to slow down the aging process. Hey, if it gives you confidence, then more power to ya. Where I draw the line is when it starts to look totally fake, unnatural, or overdone (although you have to admit, Kylie Jenner’s super full lips pretty much changed her life).

I’m super satisfied with the way my lips turned out, because most people can hardly tell I even got them done. They’re subtly enhanced, just the way I like them. See below for a full breakdown of my experience, and how it works:

What I had done: Hyaluronic Acid Lip Fillers

Type of filler used: Juvederm Ultra XC®

Amount injected: 1 syringe

Cost: $622 for 1 syringe

Did it hurt: They numb your lips, so you hardly feel it, but I did feel a little poke with each injection.

How long does it take: About 15 minutes, from start to finish

Recovery process: There really isn’t any down time after this procedure. Your lips will be pretty swelled for a couple days after, so I suggest booking your appointment for a Friday, to give yourself a few days for the swelling to go down. I iced my lips that same night I got them done, to minimize the swelling, which helped.

What if I don’t like them: Good news! Juvederm is completely reversible, if needed.

I’m so happy there’s someone I can trust in Austin for any future procedures. Dr. Saxon has over a decade of facial plastic surgery training, including a fellowship training in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery from Boston University. She most definitely knows what she’s doing, and I feel reassured going to someone who specializes in facial procedures. Not to mention, it’s the trendiest doctor’s office I’ve even seen. The interiors are beautiful. If you’re in the Austin area, you definitely need to check out Saxon MD – tell them Hilary sent you!



Photos by Julia Soniat


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