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Stagecoach 2019 Recap

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It’s official – country music is dead. I had this realization after I attended Stagecoach a couple of weekends ago. Coming off my Coachella Weekend 2 high, and right into Stagecoach, I made a few very important observations: 1. The crowd at Stagecoach is waayyyy rowdier than anything I experienced at Coachella. 2. Alcohol is more readily accessible at Stagecoach – there are bars every 10 feet, and you can actually take your drinks out of the bar area, and into the crowd (life changing). 3. Country music is no longer country. It is complete and total pop (sigh).

I was thinking of writing a similar format to my Coachella recap, but then I thought, it isn’t even worth listing most of the artists I saw at Stagecoach, because, TBH, there’s only a few artists that are worth mentioning. One of those being Lynyrd Skynyrd. When the lineup first came out, one of the only acts I was super pumped to see was Lynyrd Skynyrd. They’re LEGENDS – a southern rock band made famous in the 1970’s. It’s interesting how southern rock bands from that generation now sound more country than actual country bands…

Anyways, they were by FAR the best set I saw the entire weekend. There’s nothing like seeing Lynyrd Skynyrd close out with Free Bird (Seriously, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, you need to watch now). They were one of the oldest artists at the festival, and they were more talented, and rocked out harder than anyone else that weekend, by far. My other favorite was Diplo, because nothing makes more sense than a country music fest closing out the weekend with an EDM artist LOL Just goes to show how cross over “country” music is these days.

Definitely not trying to knock the festival, or the weekend. I actually loved Stagecoach. You can’t really have a bad time when you’re out in the beautiful desert landscape, drinking some beers and dancing to some catchy songs. I just think I’ve had my fill of Top 40 “country” music for a while.

So, you can find me over here, chillin to some Hank Williams Jr., while I cleanse myself of all the pop music I let myself enjoy over that weekend.

My outfits from Stagecoach are all linked below, obviously. I think my favorite was the hot pink, two-piece set. I had no idea it glowed in the dark, until the sun went down, and Sam Hunt shined black lights on the crowd during his set – it was incredible LOL not to mention, I paired the glow-in-the-dark outfit with my Neon Cowboys hat that lights up, so it was a perfect accident. My day 3 outfit, I actually ended up buying on day 1 at one of the vendor booths. Nothing like a last-minute outfit, that turned into one of my fave festival looks. Love when that happens.

Day 1

Wearing: For Love and Lemons Dress | Stetson Cowboy Hat | Cowboy Boots (vintage) | Bandana |

Day 2

Wearing: For Love and Lemons Top | For Love and Lemons Skirt | Neon Cowboys Hat | Cowboy Boots (vintage) | Bandana | Quay/Nordstrom Sunglasses | adidas/Urban Outfitters Fanny Pack |

Day 3

Wearing: Two Piece Bodysuit | Nasty Gal Shorts | Ray Ban Sunglasses | Urban Outfitters Bandana | Cowboy Boots (vintage) | Jean Jacket (vintage) |

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