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So Small Town

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Big thank you to Piacé Boutique for sponsoring this post – all opinions are my own.

I was born in Bloomington, Indiana – a small college town located in southern Indiana, and home to Indiana University. I lived there for 22 years of my life – through elementary school, middle school, high school AND college. The whole town is centered around the university, and the majority of everyone who lives there who isn’t a student, works at the school. Everyone’s weekends are centered around football and basketball games (if you must know only ONE thing about Indiana, it’s that basketball = life). My weekends in the fall consisted of cheerleading at my high school football games on Friday nights, and tailgating and/or attending IU football games on Saturday afternoons. This may be why I majored in Sport Communication in college – being around sports just feels like home.

Deciding to stay in my hometown and go to IU was a no-brainer for me. A Big Ten school that was literally down the street from my house? It doesn’t get any more convenient. I was able to live on campus all 4 years, but still drive down the street to have my mom do my laundry (thanks mom). Choosing to stay in your hometown for school comes with a territory. I was forever known as “the townie”, by all of my out-of-town friends in college. For those of you not familiar with the term, a “townie” is historically referred to as the kids from a college town, who hang around through college (usually not attending school). They complain and make fun of all the “yuppies” who come through and take over their town for 4 years, get their education, and leave. So, although I DID attend college with the rest of the students, I was forever deemed a townie. Hey, they even made a movie about us, that won an Academy Award AND was filmed in Bloomington (in case you didn’t know, it’s called Breaking Away). So us townies are kind of a big deal.

It was always interesting to see other student’s reactions when I told them I was actually FROM the town that we went to school in. The initial reaction from most was complete surprise, then, they proceeded to ask me “did you go to frat parties in high school??” (the answer is no, LOL).

I could list off hundreds of reasons why I love being from a small town in Indiana – small-town values, tight-knit community, AND only having two high schools, so everyone knew each other, no matter which school you went to. But my favorite part about being from that small town? Surprising people. Proving people wrong. You get a different perspective when you end up going to college in your home town – all of a sudden you are surrounded by thousands of students from all over the country and the world, and you get to show them how kids in the “flyover states” live. Guess what? We’re just like the ones from New York and California. We went to prom, football games, and house parties. We received top-notch, small-town education, and got into the same university as you. And yes, we even kept up with the same fashion trends (even if the nearest Nordstrom is over an hour away).

I’m so proud to be from this small town. I’m so proud to forever be known as a townie by all my college friends. I’m so proud that my college town is my forever home. The students of Indiana University come through and take over the town – only passing through. But for me, this small college town in Southern Indiana has, and always will be, my forever home.

Anyone else from a small town and/or a college town?? Who can relate to that small town love?!

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Photos by Laura Von Photography

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