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Real Talk: Steer With Intention

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“Intention and awareness are the two tools that enable us to create anything our heart desires from the universe.” 
― Russell Eric Dobda

As I transition through an uncertain time in my life, accompanied by a new career path in a new city, one question has continuously been on my mind – am I living with intention? Am I aware of my purpose in life, or am I just another soul, wandering aimlessly, just going through the motions? Throughout these transitional times in our lives, we are given the rare opportunity to change our life’s course moving forward. We are able to make the conscious decision on where to steer our ship. We can seize these rare moments, taking us one step closer to achieving our highest self. Yet, we easily miss these opportunities by lacking an awareness of our talents and desires – by wandering aimlessly through our day-to-day lives.

Each morning, I try to put aside just a few short minutes to set an intention for my day. What do I desire to achieve from this one day that lies before me? Perhaps it’s a project at work that I need to accomplish, or maybe it’s more personal. Maybe I set an intention to reach out to that one friend that I’ve lost touch with. Or maybe, my intention for the day is to practice patience. Whatever my day brings, I can always go back and remind myself of my intention. This awareness that I bring to my daily life keeps me grounded, and reminds me that I am living my life with purpose. I know where I want to go, and I am conscious of the steps I need to take to get there.

“The biggest human temptation is to settle for too little.” – Thomas Merton

Over time, setting that daily intention has sparked a fire within. Ever since I’ve brought a new awareness to my daily life, I realize that I want more out of myself. I no longer want to settle for too little. It is human nature to be afraid of failure. In fact, we are so afraid of failing, that we often aim too low – settling for less. This fear cripples our potential and clouds our minds with self-doubt. But what would happen if we ignored that fear? How radical would it be if we all made the conscious decision to settle for more out of our lives? Is there a relationship in your life that brings you negative energy? End it. Your dream job? Do it. Your dream city? Live it. Your dream life? Achieve it. We can all set a life-long intention that reminds us to settle for more.

Think back to when you were a child. What was your dream job? What did you long to achieve? Did you have a picture in your head of your future life? Perhaps your childhood dreams are no longer the same, but try to reflect on that hope and confidence you had in those dreams. As entrepreneur Joanna Gaines says best, “I wonder sometimes if we know ourselves a lot better than we think we do when we’re children. We get into our teen years and college years, and so many of us let others redefine who we are, or we get lost along the way… But once we finally figure it out, it often seems easy to look back into our childhoods and find a few clues that say ‘Hey, maybe you were headed in that direction all along.”

Don’t lose that confident spirit that you had as a child. Don’t let fear make you settle for too little. And always live with an intention that will bring you one step closer to achieving your dreams.

*This post was originally published on Manifested Minds – click to see the original post, and to check out what MM is all about.*

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