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My Fave Coachella Look

I’m having MAJOR FOMO this past week, with all the Coachella festivities, and me, nowhere to be found. I used to be a festival junkie, spending a whole year traveling around from festival to festival, until my money and/or sanity ran out, (whichever came first). I can’t wait to write a post detailing all my festival experiences, but, more on that another time. So, for someone who’s used to being a part of all the fun, it’s been tough not to be there.

So, to make up for not attending, I did one of two things. First, I created the ultimate Coachella playlist, with all my fave artists from this year’s lineup. Second, I broke out my 2016, day 2 Coachella outfit – a.k.a. my proudest fashion moment to date. I was going for something totally out of the ordinary for my first Coachella experience, and when I came across this catsuit and matching kimono online, it was literally just what I had envisioned. My excitement for day 2 of Coachella, based solely on this outfit, was at an embarrassing, all-time high. I remember walking through the wide open fields of the festival grounds, and no lie, I had about 5 random people shout out to me across the way, that they loved my outfit. You know those times where you realized you just made the GREATEST outfit choice of all time? This was that moment for me. I know I’m being a little dramatic, but hey, I’d rather be called extra than be called basic any day #sorrynotsorry

I’m HIGHLY recommend catsuits for music festivals. They’re so easy to wear, and practical. The material is thin, so you won’t get overly hot, and I never have to worry about my outfit the entire day. It stays in place, and I can jump around, dance, and sweat in this little baby. Because hey, if you’re constantly worrying about your outfit while you’re jamming along to a Moon Boots set, then what’s the point of even attending a festival?

I love this look because it’s JUST enough over-the-top. The print is amazing, I love the cut outs on the sides of the catsuit, and the matching kimono takes this outfit to a whole new level. Seriously, the best part about day 2 Coachella was my kimono. Because it separates in to two pieces from the back, there’s so much you can do with it while you’re dancing. Safe to say, I had a ton of fun with this piece during the festival.

Since this look is from 2016, it’s sold out online, buuuttt I was about to find a romper and bathing suit, both cut from the same print. I also linked a ton more matching catsuits and kimonos, below. Happy weekend 2, and happy shopping!

Wearing: Jaded London Catsuit (similar) | Jaded London Kimono (sold out) | Nordstrom Sandals (similar) |

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Photos by Courtney Pittman

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