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My Denver/Global Dance Fest Recap

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I like to treat my travel posts as a type of online photo diary – a recap of all the snapshots and memories I made on a particular trip. This post from my trip to Denver two weekends ago is just that. So, if you care at all about my travel experiences or travel to Denver in general, keep reading (if not, totally understand LOL).

I took a long weekend trip to Denver to visit a few friends who had recently moved to the city. I have been to Denver a few times, but I forgot how much I love it. It’s one of my favorite cities I’ve ever been to. My friends live in a super cool, loft-type apartment right downtown, in the Ballpark District, close to Coors Field. It’s an amazing spot, with lots of restaurants and shops to walk to. It’s been a few years since I’ve lived in Chicago, so I forgot how nice it is to live in a city where the walkability factor is the norm (Austin is definitely a driving city, and living downtown isn’t that cool here anyways).

We also went to Global Dance Fest – an EDM music festival that was SUPPOSED to take place Friday and Saturday, but only ended up happening on Friday. There was a huge storm on Saturday, and we arrived to the festival just as it started raining, and they were closing the gates, due to the weather. We ended up waiting out the storm under a bridge, with the rest of the attendees, for over an hour. Let me tell ya, this was no little storm. There ended up being a flood warning, and by the time we got that notification, we came to the conclusion that they probably wouldn’t end up opening the gates back up. So, we went back to the apartment, and ended up just hangout out there for the night (and the festival was in fact, cancelled for the day). I was honestly just as happy chilling at the apartment, and getting the chance to really talk and hang out with my Denver friends who I don’t get the chance to see very often. So in conclusion, it actually worked out for the best.

We didn’t do too much outside of the festival. On the first day, we had lunch at the Denver Central Market – a seat-yourself marketplace with lots of different order-at-the-counter food options. Definitely recommend for groups who can’t decide on one type of food. After lunch, we walked around the Arts District (where the central market was located), and discovered some really interesting graffiti art, down various alleyways. My favorite was the multiple-walled Stranger Things artwork, which you’ll see a snapshot of, below. The rest of the day/night consisted of the festival, with my group of friends going to an after party after the show. I proudly made the decision to stay behind and go to bed early – sometimes you just need that extra rest, regardless of what the rest of the group is doing. You feel me? Saturday consisted of a pre-Global Dance fest pot luck brunch/pregame at my friend’s apartment, which was probably one of my favorite parts of the weekend. After that, the festival was cancelled, and you know the rest. Read below for my festival recap, along with all the photos from the weekend.

Global Dance Fest

The Global Dance Fest lineup was pretty epic, for it being a smaller, only two-day festival. We ended up splurging on the VIP tickets (JK – it wasn’t really a splurge. The festival in it’s entirety was super cheap), and it was soooo worth it. We had the whole front half of the main stage as our viewing area, so we were literally front and center for Kaskade. Here’s who we saw:

Black Tiger Sex Machine – they’re a DJ trio who dress up in all black, with these light up black tiger heads, so you don’t ever actually see who these guys are. They’re dubstep, which I can only really tolerate for about a half hour, before I start to get a headache. Thankfully, that’s about as long as we ended up staying at their set. Their black tiger outfits were the best part, honestly.

Luttrell – a deep house artist who’s a part of the AnjunaDeep family, so obviously a can’t miss. The rest of the group didn’t know who he was, but I convinced them all to come with, and they were LOVING it. They were literally all thanking me afterwards for dragging them to the set, because it really is some of the best deep house music you’ll ever get to see.

Diplo – as you see from my photos, I wore a Diplo tee to the festival, so it was only fitting that we didn’t miss him. Ironically, I’m not a huge Diplo fan – his music is pretty generic party music, which I’m not that into, but he knows how to put on a good show, so it was fun. The best part was at the end of his set, when he stood up on the table and announced that he was about to do something that no other DJ has done before. He then proceeded to use his headphone cords as a jumprope, and do all these crazy tricks with it as soon as the beat dropped. Not gonna lie, it was pretty entertaining, and Diplo even ended up finding and commenting on my IG post of his tee #winning

ZHU – weirdly, this was my favorite set of the night. I’m not a huge ZHU fan, but his live show was incredible. He’s generally considered a House DJ, but he incorporates so many different types of dance music genres into his show, including live saxophone and guitar solos. If you’re ever at a music festival with ZHU on the lineup, be sure you don’t miss his set.

Kaskade – Kaskade shut down the night with an amazing performance, per usual. The best part was how close we were during his set, and the fact that he threw in 4am, which he hardly ever plays live – it was a pretty big deal.

If you want to see a recap of the entire weekend, head over to my IG story highlights, and click on the “Denver” highlight, cause that’s all I got here.

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