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My 2019 Coachella Recap: What I Wore, Who I Saw, & Tips for Next Year

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This was my second trip to Coachella, and this time around, I saw a much wider variety of artists, which I probably wouldn’t have done, if I didn’t have a friend who convinced me to go see other music besides EDM. I actually ended up discovering/developing new obsessions for a few of the artists, who I wasn’t previously into (hiiii Billie Eilish), so I’d say, it was definitely a successful festival experience.

You really can’t NOT have a good time at Coachella, if you’re into festivals and fashion. You’re in California, in the middle of the desert, the weather is perfect, and you’re surrounded entirely by mountains and palm trees. I mean, listening to Kacey Musgraves sing Golden Hour at golden hour was pretty much as good as it gets. Plus, the fashion is ALMOST just as great to see as the artists. I saw some super inspiring/creative outfits, as well as some totally ridiculous looks, and I’m not sure which I love more, TBH.

So, scroll down for a recap of all the artists I saw, along with a list of my favorites. Also, you’ll find links to every look I wore throughout the three days, along with tips for first-timers, if you decide to attend in the near future. Here it goes:

Who I Saw

Day 1

FISHER – first one we saw when we got there, and we didn’t stay for very long. I love FISHER though. And the whole time, the camera was on him, and he just had the biggest smile on his face the entire time – good for you, FISHER.

Kacey Musgraves – She was one of the top artists I wanted to see, so we stayed for her entire set. She was the cutest thing, had the greatest outfits, and the best part was the extremely large disco ball on stage that was constantly turning in the background during her entire show. Her whole theme was a disco vibe, so I nominate her as the true queen of Coachella (sorry not sorry Beyonce).

The Floozies – They were located in the DoLab (a.k.a. the greatest stage at Coachella), so naturally, I had the best time. The DoLab is a smaller tent stage, and is propped up by columns that light up, in sync to the artists music. Pretty groovy, not to mention, The Floozies have mastered the EDM Groove sound, so it was one of the most fun moments of day 1.

The 1975 – I’m ashamed to admit that I didn’t even know who The 1975 was until I saw them on day 1. I recognized two of their songs, but had no idea who sang them. This was one of the bands that I walked away from, obsessed with. And now they’re on repeat on the daily. The lead singer was such a natural – the highlight of their show was when they sang “Sincerity is Scary”, and Matty came out with jeans, no shirt, and wearing a backpack and a beanie with raccoon tails on it, and proceeded to dance on a moving walkway. It truly doesn’t get more hipster than that, folks.

RUFUS DU SOL – One of my all-time faves. So magical to hear their sound under a full desert moon. They played “Treat You Better” and I almost lost my mind.

Khruangbin – A sleeper (so I thought), that turned out to be one of my absolute faves. Probably the most talented artists I saw all weekend. Their mainly instrumental, with a heavy, psychedelic guitar sound. I can’t reiterate enough how blown away I was by them. This video will do it way more justice than my words can. They also played a mash up of all 2000’s hip hop songs, and it was genius.

Janelle Monae – Not really into her, but my friend wanted to see her. She’s an amazing performer and dancer, can’t argue with that. I definitely respect her talent, but, not really my kind of music.

DJ Snake – Anyone who hasn’t seen DJ Snake live, assumes he’s more pop EDM, due to the fact that what’s actually played on the Top 40 from him are songs with Selena Gomez, and other pop artists. But he’s actually SUPER dupsteppy – which I can only take for an hour, tops. I warned my friend, but she wanted to go, so I went, and we walked away with headaches LOL

Nora En Pure – Always a favorite. She’s such a cool girl, and brings the chillest deep house sounds that I can never get enough of.

Childish Gambino – Honestly hardly remember anything from his set (sorry?) We left early and went home.

Day 2

Mac DeMarco – Love this guy, and I didn’t think we were going to get there early enough to see him, but we made it, and were able to catch a few songs while we hung out in the bar area, drinking our $20 (no lie) mixed drinks. If I’m going to pay $20 for a mixy, at least I had the chance to listen to some chill Indie rock while I sipped.

Bazzi – I’m indifferent to him. He also started 15 minutes late, and his set was only slated for a half hour, so we sang like, 5 songs – quickest. set. ever.

Gryffin – He did an Avicii tribute, since day 2 was the 1-year anniversary of Avicii’s death, and it was super emotional. Definitely a highlight of the night.

Weezer – Terrible (sorry Weezer). I never liked them, so no surprise there.

Billie Eilish – Soooo much to say about this set. I had known about Billie for a while, but never took the time to actually fully listen to her music. She just creeped me out a little, and I wasn’t into it. But, since she’s literally THE hottest thing right now, we knew we had to at least stop by, and check out what she’s all about. The little I did know about her, I knew she had to put on an interesting show. We got there before she stared, so we were luckily able to see her intro. From the beginning, I knew that what I was about to see was going to be like nothing else I’ve seen before. And I was right. She KILLED it. The most entertaining artist I saw all weekend, super engaging with the crowd, and her songs are just plain amazing. I loved every minute of it. Also, her fans were like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. They were screaming soooo loud the ENTIRE time, that you could hardly hear Billie over the screams that were coming through the microphone. Picture The Beatles fans, as they stepped off the plane in America, circa 1964. That’s not an exaggeration. Did I mention she’s only 17? She’s only 17, and already headlining Coachella. What have you done with your life this past year… LOL

Watch this, this and this, from her set. You’ll get it.

Wiz Khalifa – I don’t keep up with Wiz anymore (has he even put out any new music in the past year?). He’s more of a college memory for me from that time he threw a concert in the parking lot of Zeta Beta Tau (good times), so I was glad when he stuck to his old stuff like Young, Wild, Free, Black and Yellow, and my personal favorite, Roll Up. Plus, it was 4/20 that day, so how many people can say they saw Wiz live, on 4/20?… Me.

Tame Impala – Probably my favorite on the lineup this year, and my favorite psychedelic rock band of all time. Another amazing show, and they had lazer lights throughout their set, which was probably the best part.

BASSNECTAR – it got super cold once the sun went down on day 2, so by the time BASSNECTAR went on at midnight, we were cold and tired. But, I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if I didn’t see him at Coachella, so we stuck it out and saw the first 15 minutes of his set. Those 15 minutes were one of the best of the night.

Day 3

Kanye West’s Easter Sunday Service – INCREDIBLE. Seriously. So happy I went weekend 2 to see this. Such an amazing experience, getting to spend Easter morning with Ye and his gospel group. This was their first show ever played to the public, so I’m so proud I was a part of it. Their show wasn’t in the actual festival grounds – it was in the campground area, in a large grassy field, with a hill at the top, where they performed. Kanye and his group are sooo talented, and I’m crossing my fingers that they come out with a gospel album. It was SUPER chill, and he even performed some of his rap songs, and mixed them in with the gospel music. Genius.

Dermot Kennedy – Didn’t know who he was before I saw him. He was sooo good, and VERY good looking, so that’s always a plus.

Zedd – One of my favorites from all three days. He has so many bangers, and older stuff from college, when I first got into EDM, so he always takes me back to the best times.

Khalid – Another one I honestly don’t remember. I’ve seen him before, and he’s super chill, so I’m sure that’s how he was this time? IDK.

Dillon Francis – Dillon is my happy place. I had his Money Sucks Friends Rule album on repeat for an entire year of my life, when I lived in Chicago. His music reminds me of so many amazing times with all my friends up there, and I’m not even embarrassed to admit that this album makes me cry sometimes (weird, I know). But he brought a life-size Gerald out on stage, and it made my heart super happy.

Ariana Grande – One of the least memorable of the entire weekend. I’m not even into her, and even I was expecting a much better show. My friend, who loves her, even agreed. The only memorable part was when she brought Justin Bieber on stage, which was cool, but not that exciting. Kind of disappointing that she closed out Coachella. Not even remotely close of a good replacement for Kanye.

My Top 5 (in no particular order)

The 1975, Billie Eilish, Khruangbin, Zedd, Nora En Pure

Tips for Future Years

  • Wear comfortable shoes. There’s nothing worse than your feet hurting at a festival, especially one like Coachella where everything’s spread out, so you have to do a ton of walking. Trust me, those 3-inch sandals that you just bought and haven’t worn yet, are not worth it.
  • Bring a sweatshirt and sweat pants. I know it sounds crazy, since you’re in the middle of the desert. During the day, it’s really hot, but 2 of the 3 nights, it got super windy at night, and cold. There’s hardly anything worse than being cold, when you haven’t seen your favorite artist yet. So bring the extra layers to put on – I was sooo much more comfortable when I did.
  • Pack an extra pair of comfy shoes/sneakers. Just in case you don’t take my advice, and end up wearing those brand new heels. Your feet will thank you when they start to hurt, and you can change into comfier ones. Which brings me to the next tip…
  • Rent a medium-sized locker. It’s $45 for all three days, and it’s sooo worth it. That way, you can bring your warm clothes, and an extra pair of shoes, and store it all in there.
  • Take all your photos as soon as you get there. This will be the least-crowded time to get that shot in front of the ferris wheel, and the other art sculptures, and it’s just better to get the photos out of the way first thing. Cause if you’re anything like me, if you don’t take photos right away, you can’t really enjoy the music, cause all you’re thinking about is that you didn’t get the right shot, and you never will LOL
  • Pack a reusable water bottle – there’s water refill stations around the grounds, so you won’t have to end up buying $20 with of water bottles while you’re there. I made this mistake, and didn’t pack one. Too much of my money went to water that weekend.
  • Use the Coachella app to plan out your set schedule, or else you will miss artists that you really want to see.

Day 1

Wearing: Boohoo Kimono | 12th Tribe/East n West Label Bra | 12th Tribe/East n West Label Undies | Dollskill Boots | Etsy Nose Ring |

Day 2

Wearing: For Love and Lemons Bra | For Love and Lemons Top | For Love and Lemons Shorts | Dr Martens | Free People Sunglasses (similar) | Urban Outfitters/adidas Socks |

Day 3 – Kanye West Sunday Service

Wearing: Cleobella Top (sold out) | Cleobella Skirt (sold out) | Urban Outfitters/adidas Fanny Pack | Urban Outfitters/FILA Sneakers |

Day 3 – Coachella

Wearing: Revolve Bodysuit | Nasty Gal Shorts | Forever 21 Necklace (similar) | Nordstrom/Quay Sunglasses | Belt | Urban Outfitters/FILA Sneakers | Bandana |

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