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Gals Weekend in Wimberley, Texas

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Back in December, I took a trip to Wimberley, Texas (about an hour from Austin), for my friend Mack’s birthday. It was just what I needed after a very busy few months – just to unwind, in a small Texas town, with girlfriend and (lots) of wine. Sometimes, you just need a short weekend away, in a quiet place, to hang out and be with your girls.

Wimberley is the perfect weekend getaway, if you’re in the Austin area, and if you’re looking for country vibes, vintage shopping, and wine nights. So, see below for my guide to a weekend in Wimberley, Texas, featuring the dress that I found at one of the shops, for only $10!

Where to stay – An Airbnb is your best bet, when staying in this small town – there’s a great selection of homes in the area with that small-town Texas charm. My friend Mack shoots for Airbnb, and one of her clients was the owners of the Chapel Home. So, lucky for us, we were put up for free for the weekend. The Chapel Home is a restored Airbnb, that used to be a church, filled with reclaimed wood and high-end vintage furniture. Basically my dream home. The home sits on a 2-acre lot, with a waterfall in the back yard, along with a fire pit – a perfect little country oasis.

Where to eatCommunity Pizza & Beer Garden is my favorite place, and apparently, everyone else’s too. This place is always packed on a weekend night, so make sure you are prepared to wait for a while, because they don’t take reservations. Trust me on this – it’s worth the wait. They have a full bar, live music, lots of outdoor seating, and the top 5 pizza I’ve ever had.

Ino’z Brew & Chew – Another great spot for live music. They have outdoor seating that overlooks the river that cuts through town. The food and drinks aren’t as noteworthy as Community, but I go here for a beer and live music, on a warm summer day.

Wimberley Cafe – Cute cafe, great for breakfast and lunch. My sister and I stumbled in here on a Sunday afternoon, and it was quick and cheap. A spot for locals and tourists alike.

The Leaning Pear – This is definitely the “trendiest” spot in Wimberley. It’s a fairly new place, built around the time Wimberley started to become a tourist sport on the weekends. A little more upscale, with great country-inspired eats. We came here for brunch on our way out of town from our girls weekend, and it did not disappoint.

Where to shopWall Street Western is hands down my favorite shop in Wimberley. This spot carries new and vintage clothing and accessories – all with a southwestern, Texas vibe (which is right up my alley, if you couldn’t tell). They have a huge selection of cowboy boots, and carry brands such as Free People, Jen’s Pirate Booty and Spell & The Gypsy. They also have the most AMAZING vintage rodeo jackets, like the ones you’d see Loretta Lynn or Patsy Cline wear – it’s truly a Texas gal’s dream shop. Not to mention, they have 4 Persian rescue cats that you’ll find roaming around the store, giving you a little kitty therapy, to go along with your retail therapy.

UnknowableYou – When I think of Wimberley, I think of UnknowableYou. It’s a small little shop, with most of their inventory outside, spread about on trees and little tables – it almost looks like a high-end garage sale. Even the dressing rooms are outside – I know that sounds weird, but you just gotta see for yourself, to get what I’m saying. This vintage shop doesn’t even have an online presence, so you really do need to check it out in-person. This shop is where I found my $10 sequin dress, featured in the photos, below! I wasn’t planning on buying anything on this girls trip, but when I found this dress, and it fit perfectly, my friends convinced me I had to buy it, even though I had no where to wear it to. My friend Mack found the cutest tie cropped vintage top, and my other friend Ashley (owner of Frankie Jean), found a southwestern vintage rug that covers almost all of her living room, for under $100 – literally unheard of.

Ceremony – This place is a plant lovers DREAM. A trendy place, no matter where this store would be located – it’s very “of-the-moment.” They have a huge selection of plants for your home, along with candles, incense, and fringey wall art. I took so many photos of this place (I just couldn’t resist), and they’re all featured below!

What to do – Eat, shop and DRINK WINE. That’s really all there is to do in this town, and that’s exactly why people come here – to unwind, and experience life at a slower pace. Just the kind of getaway I like.

Wearing: Dress (vintage) | Nordstrom Boots (similar) | American Eagle Jacket | Free People Earrings |

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Photos by Todd White


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