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Bella Beauty

When Cleobella asked me to participate in their #BellaBeauty campaign, I jumped at the chance. This campaign is all about sharing what true inner beauty means, and how we celebrate our beauty from within. It’s super easy to get caught up in superficial aspects of our life, especially as a blogger. When you’re constantly focused on clothes, and how you look in photos, you can easily forget what’s really important. It’s refreshing to be a part of a campaign that goes beyond the surface, and shows what true inner beauty looks like. So without further ado, I wanted to share with you guys the Cloebella #BellaBeauty questions, and what true inner beauty looks like to me.

What does Bella mean to you? Bella, in it’s official meaning, is related to the Italian and Latin words for beautiful. To me, this word extends beyond just another adjective. Bella translates to inner beauty. It’s a mindset. It’s a way we view ourselves inwardly, and it’s how we convey that view of ourselves outwardly, to others. Do our inward selves have Bella, a.k.a. inward beauty? Are we confident about who we are, and does that confidence translate to others, without coming across as arrogant or prideful? 

What does true inner beauty look like to you? In my life, someone who has true inner beauty is the kind of person that is happy with who they are, in the stage of life they’re in. Their soul is at peace, because they don’t worry about the opinions of others. They treat each and every person with respect, and their confidence in theirselves helps build up and encourage the people around them. They have compassion for others, and are willing to put someone else before themselves. They have a humbled heart, and aren’t prideful in their ambitions. 

Outward beauty is fleeting, and won’t last forever. We are all born to die (depressing, but true). Which means our outward selves are slowly deteriorating each day. But our souls remain the same. If we choose, we can strengthen our inwards selves each and every day, by recognizing our worth, and loving who we are, right where we are in life.

Who is an example of a Bella in your life? I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by many Bellas in my life, whether I know them personally, or not. There are quite a few people with distinctively different traits, that each encompass what a true inner beauty looks like to me. The common trait between all of these Bellas is in how they support others. You can find out a lot about a person by how they react to someone else’s achievements. Do they come across as jealous and upset over someone else’s achievements? Or do they come across as supportive, no matter what their own circumstance might be? The way a person is able to support another person, and take the focus of off themselves in that support, radiates true inner beauty.

How do you celebrate your inner beauty? I celebrate my inner beauty by taking care of myself, both mentally and physically. In the past few. years, I’ve definitely been focusing more on healthy living, in a physical sense. I fill my body with good foods (most of the time), I stick to a consistent sleep/wake cycle, I work out, and wear sunscreen (something I would never used to do).

For my mental health, I try to spend time in prayer and meditation every day. It’s that quiet, alone time that everyone needs for themselves. It’s so important to take mental breaks, to readjust and refocus your mind. I recently wrote a post for Manifested Minds, where I share more about why our time spent in solitude and silence is so important for our mental health (if you’re interested in reading more on this topic). It’s also so important for each of us to watch our inner thoughts, especially the negative ones. The words you hear in your head that tell you you’re not good enough, or you can’t accomplish something – learn to drive those thoughts out when they creep up. Don’t let those thoughts become your reality. A few other ways I take care of my mental health is by reading good books, learning new things, listening to music that makes me happy, and DOING things that make me happy. All of these practices lead to the celebration of my inner beauty.

Are there any moments that have helped to shape the way you view inner beauty? As I’ve grown older, I’ve been working on becoming more accepting of others and trying to develop more compassion for people. It’s amazing what can happen when you stop judging others based on their looks, and you open up your heart to another soul, by taking the time to get to know them. I’ve come across people who have had real struggles in life, some mental, some physical. It’s amazing to see how people deal with those situations, and how much positivity they maintain, through those hardships. It has caused me to take a look into my own self, to realize how blessed I am. It has shaped my inner beauty in realizing that nothing in life is guaranteed. We can’t rely on our outward appearance to get us through. If we don’t have Bella, or inward beauty, we have no real substance – we are fleeting versions of ourselves.

Big thanks to Cleobella for coming up with this these questions and encouraging me to dive in to this topic! I would LOVE to hear your answers to these questions! What does inner beauty look like to you?

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Photos by Jennifer Boomer


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